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Africa Cruises

See the different sides of this vast and beautiful continent on a cruise

Africa Cruise Search

Africa Cruise Search

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"At the tip of the south sits South Africa, which feels like a continent in itself with incredible safari spots such as Kruger National Park, beautiful winelands, dazzling beaches and cosmopolitan cities, including Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town"

  • There is so much on offer, whether it be action-packed adventures, cultural experiences or deserted beaches
  • The prime time to visit is from October to May
  • With so many amazing land-based activities such as safari, you’ll want to book some excursions

Africa – the world’s second largest continent – is home to more than 50 countries. The cities are vibrant, and the landscapes are diverse, ranging from vineyards and tropical beaches to arid desert and sprawling plains roamed by wildlife.

Along the wild west Atlantic coast, you’ll find Namibia with its rolling sand dunes; Ghana, home to the elephant-filled savannahs of Mole National Park; Senegal, one of west Africa’s top holiday spots; and the outlying islands of Cape Verde.

Dotted in the Indian Ocean are the paradise islands of Madagascar, famed for its lemurs, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles. In the southeast lies Mozambique with its pristine palm-lined beaches, and the safari hotspots of Kenya and Tanzania, for the mighty Maasai Mara and the sprawling plains of Serengeti National Park.

You can also cruise through Egypt’s Suez Canal, a manmade waterway linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean.

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