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South America Cruises

With tropical rainforest, lively capitals and lost Inca cities, South America is always an adventure

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South America Search

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"For wildlife, there is nowhere quite like the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador"

  • Chile’s beautifully scenic fjords rival Norway’s with their icy-blue glaciers and snowy peaks
  • See South America’s love of music and dance in full swing during Rio Carnival
  • South American’s love of music, dance and life in general won’t fail to make you smile

South America is famed for its vibrant, cosmopolitan cities. Laze on one of Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous beaches; mooch your way around the museums and galleries of Buenos Aires; or meander through the bohemian district of Barrio Bellavista in Santiago. Watching the sunset over the water in the colouful Colombia city of Cartagena is also a must.

The continent has no shortage of natural wonders. There is mighty Iguazu Falls, the Amazon rainforest, the rugged Falkland Islands and the spectacular Chilean and Argentinian Fjords, which are home to calving glaciers and tumbling waterfalls.

For wildlife, there is nowhere quite like the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. The volcanic archipelago is home to a set of wildlife that is completely unique, including giant tortoises, land iguanas, and Blue Footed Boobies. Visit the Falkland Islands to see huge colonies of penguins and albatross.

Eating and drinking are two of South America’s great pleasures. Feast on the hearty Colombian dish of Bandeja Paisa, fresh ceviche in Peru, churrasco and fiery Caipirinhas in Brazil, or homegrown steak and red wine in Argentina.

All the calories can be burnt off with another of South America’s passions, dance. You won’t go far without hearing the rhythms of samba or the tango drifting down the street.

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